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Easy to deploy and ready within minutes


A robust, reliable and secure infrastructure, to monitor and manage your devices.


Whether one device or one million. optiCLOUD adapts to your requirements without problems.

A Single Source

Skip integration of Hardware by using optiMEAS fully compatible Hardware stack.


optiCLOUD is designed to be handled by everyone. No need for specialized IT-or even IoT engineers.

Cloud Agnostic

optiMEAS hosted, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or on Premise. optiCLOUD runs in the environment of your choice.


Custom Features or individual developement. optiCLOUD can be customized, if we don’t already cover your requirements.

Four simple steps

countless new possibilities


Connect all of your devices to monitor states, conditions and remotely control if it is needed.


Visualize all of your data in customizable dashboards with many different Widgets from our libraries.


Define Rules and actions, schedule events or reports and set up alarms with the built in tools.


Seemless integration into your existing IT-infrastruture and BI-Software to improve your outcomes.

Production Line Control

Set custom event triggers, or act immediately if action is needed

Predictive Maintenance

Act before errors occur and save time and money

Cloud Technologies

Make use of storage and analytics of your machine data in the cloud

informed decisions

Base your decisionmaking on real usage data instead of expected values

Increase Service

Increase availability and service times with 24/7 monitoring

Smart Support

Instead of errorguessing, you can see live and historic data that leads you to the right solution

Improve business

Transmit machine data directly into BI-Software to increase accountability

Remote Control

Update Firm-or other Software from one central Hub


Out of the Box

Real-Time Scada
Device Management

White Labeling
User Management
Rule Engine
Quick Function

80+ Widgets
Widget Editor
File Storage

Bulk Provisioning
Data Export
Platform Integrations

Industrial IoT benefits OEMCustomerOperatoreverybody

Creating digital products enables you to offer a wide range of applications for your customers to maximize the benefits they have when choosing your products. Visualisation and Dashboards not only help to increase these benefits, but also serve as you as a branding measure and prolong customer retention. The main incentive nonetheless is the real world usage data, that not only enables individual consulting, upselling in line with requirements and predictable maintenance but also lets you improve on future products based on these new and detailed insights. To help you realize these benefits we at optiMEAS not only offer consulting services at the beginning, but also accompany you throughout your digital journey and customize the Service to your specific needs.

Massive amounts of Paperwork, idle equipment, prolonged maintenance times, inflexible production and human errors can be put to the past, by building digital ecosystems, that span all areas of your company. By digitizing your production processes, equipment is repaired before it breaks down. And your production planning can access detailed data to define expected workloads and respond quickly to changes.

By remotely monitoring your equipment from one central hub, you are in full control of everything and can react immediately. The digital twin of your machinery mirrors the machines condition in real time and shows failures in real time through setting up alarm triggers or even in advance. With the digital Logfiles and machine information, all manuals, documented history and additional information sits right in your pocket.

How we support you to achieve these possibilities

First we need to check the state of your existing machinery and the  IT-infrastructure of your company in terms of „digital readiness“. From there on we need to answer two main questions:

    • What is the business problem that we are trying to solve?
    • What are the potentials that we want to tap in with IIoT?

The result of the „readiness check“ and the answer to these 2 questions is the basis of the entire digital transformation and serves as a guideline
for all following steps.

Your business requirements and existing structures are unique, that’s what makes you successfull. Your IIoT solution will also be unique and tailored to your individual needs. There is no „one-fits-all“ solution in an industrial environment. Based on step 1, we discuss, advise, develop and implement your personal IIoT solution, both from the technical, as well as from the company-culture side.

At first we will develop and implement a PoC solution based on the specifications and requirements we set up in Step 1 and 2. IIoT is a highly complex and cross-departmental task. So it is necessary to get everybody involved, to get their Input and potential improvements before going ahead.

After the first small scale PoC solution is in use, the results are collected, analysed and discussed. Problems, solutions and new ideas that occured during the PoC get considered in terms of their challenges for upscaling the system. All 3 steps include many iterations in itself, so that only a thought out and really workable solution gets to the point of series implementation.

Why optiMEAS

Having been in the business of measurement and automation for many many years, optiMEAS has gained an enormous amount of domain knowledge when it comes to the underlying processes that need to be understood to successfully be digitized. 10 Years ago this knowledge and the innovative spirit led to the idea of bringing measurement and automation data into the cloud to remotely monitor, manage and analyse all kinds of data from all kinds of machinery. Being ahead of the industry at that time, specialised Software and Hardware for this specific task was hard to get. That’s why we started from scratch and developed everything needed at our own. 10 years later this led us to the position of being able to execute a variety of tasks in the world of IIoT: From engineering solutions at the edge upto creating the Cloud-software to handle the incoming data.

The advantages of working together with optiMEAS

Because we are aware of the challenges and especially compatibility problems that digitization in industrial environments brings with it, we developed a complete and coherent system for every part of the process. From Hardware to Cloud developement we are now able to fetch and analyse data of almost every data generating machinery out there.

In the modern world data has become the new crude oil in terms of being a fundamental part of business. We believe that your data belongs in your hands and your hands only. That’s why optiCLOUD can run independently on any cloud you choose and even on premise.

Industrial IoT solutions are best if they are tailored exactly to your needs. OptiMEAS is small enough to take care and implement your specific needs and often times way faster than competitors who first have to wait for a critical mass of demand before then making highly generalized adaptions to their system.

IIoT touches so many fields of expertise, that it’s only possible to solve certain problems if you have a deeper understanding of the respective subjects. At optiMEAS we have a wide variety of experts ranging from physicists – engineers – developers to business administration to support you in every step.

Here are some of our Partners and Customers who already use optiCLOUD to enhance their business.